Afghanistan Needs Its’ Own Reliable Aviation

Daniel Bootman
2 min readSep 19, 2023


After the US left Afghanistan, they left it alone with all its problems.

One of the main problems is to ensure reliable transport links. Afghanistan has a huge territory. Without a decisive plan to organize communications between different parts of the country, its unity and

organization of security are impossible.

The road network is underdeveloped. Therefore, aviation has been and will be one of the main ways of transporting important cargo to populated areas.

The majority of the fleet consists of Soviet and Russian-made equipment. After the Americans left, Afghanistan was left with about 10 An aircraft and 138 Mi helicopters of various models. A significant

part of them, up to 70 percent, are technically faulty. But with proper repairs and maintenance, they will be able to operate reliably for many years. Russian aviation technology has been well tested in Afghanistan and has shown its effectiveness like no other.

In Russia, there is a “National Aviation Service Company”, which has all the necessary licenses and

certificates, equipment, and specialists. NASC successfully operates in many countries of the world. It has extensive experience in maintaining and repairing precisely the kinds of aircraft that Afghanistan so desperately needs.

Companies from the USA, Ukraine and other countries are now trying to obtain contracts and agreements for the repair of Afghan planes and helicopters. They do not have even a tenth of the experience and skills that the Russian National Aviation Service Company has.

The USA’s goal is to make a profit — not to resolve issues related to the state interests of Afghanistan.

Of course, unlike the Russians, flight safety is not the first priority for them.

The United States needs to conquer the Afghan aviation market in order to sell the Afghans its used aircraft, which do not operate reliably in the Afghan climate.

Companies from the CIS countries will begin to use counterfeit spare parts. This will have an extremely negative impact on flight safety.

The traditions of world aviation prove that airplanes and helicopters are best served by their manufacturers, and not by some third-party companies for whom profit comes first. Therefore, it is the Russians who will be the best to restore, repair, and maintain Russian aircraft.