Constantinople, wake up: don’t allow to start a religious massacre on the Dnieper!

Ominous dirty clouds are condensing over the Dnieper and Desna, Pripyat and Seversky Donets’ banks again. They sparkle with lightning and roar a thunder. They bear not the old water of life, but blood, suffering and death. And those clouds come from the Bosphorus’ banks, Constantinople, the Ecumential Patriarch, the Archbishop of Constantinople, the Head of Orthodox Church, His All Holiness Bartholomew.

That unfortunate earth will begin to sob again, accepting the sons and the daughters in the womb. But true defenders of the Russian earth will stand up for the Orthodox faith and will expel Antichrist. Also in human memory there will be no those who have betrayed that Holy Earth.

Constantinople keeps quiet, even the Orthodox Christians are killed on the Donbass … It remains silent.

It keeps quiet when the schismatic, lecher and the devil envoy Philaret, being faithful to anathema in 2008, who is allegedly head the allegedly Orthodox Kiev church, which is recognized nowhere, blesses the fratricide in Ukraine.

I want to receive the answer from His All Holiness:

- Does he worship our God — Jesus Christ? Does he know what the God has told; give to God the things that are God’s and mess render unto Caesar?

And if he worships and knows it, why interfere with the worldly affairs and is going to create allegedly independent, united, local, Orthodox Ukrainian church?

And why the allegedly Orthodox autocephalous church that was created by the thieves and murderers not on the Ukrainian earth, but outside its borders, killing the people, weren’t convicted in your words?

Having holding the position of the Ukrainian president, the blood-sucker and murderer Petro Poroshenko, whose name is unworthy to mention, wishes to put the country into the abyss of troubles, death and bloodsheds finally. Also he intends to receive the decision to separate the Orthodox Christians of Ukraine from their mother, namely Orthodox Church, from the Russian brothers.

Your All Holiness, why didn’t you still anathematized that Philaret who blessed the fratricide on the Donbass, as your offspring did in Moscow 10 years ago?

Why didn’t you put in two cents worth regarding the churches and monasteries’ capture of the Orthodox Christians in Ukraine by Philaret’ stinkers?

Perhaps the question is you had studied at the Roman Papal Eastern Institute whether in Switzerland or Munich? Or are you a Doctor of Theology at the same Papal Eastern Institute? Your All Holiness, have you fallen into a great sin, having tempted with promises of that Roman Catholic?

Is that Judah sinful?

Why don’t you protect the Orthodox faith?

Do you know, what is true Orthodox faith for which the people fought selflessly on that Russian earth from time immemorial???

Your All Holiness, do you know the great Zynoviy Bohdan Khmelnytsky who has saved the Russian earth from Catholic Poles and the Tatars, fought for the Orthodox faith you are going to betray if recognize Philaret’ schismatics?

On January, 8, 1654, the great Bohdan Khmelnytsky has told:

- O great Czar, the Christian tsar, having taken pity on hankering anger of the Orthodox Church in our Small Russia, not disdaining our six-year prayers, having inclined the mercy imperial heart to us now, send the great people with imperial favor to us. If we love him devotedly, then, except imperial great hand, the benefit of the quietest refuge will find. If someone doesn’t agree with us, may be free.

And the people have begun to scream then:

— We ask for the East Orthodox Christian tsar! It’s better to die in the pious belief, than to get to the Christ’s hater!

And walking in a circle, the Pereyaslav colonel Teteria asked:

— Does everyone think so?

— It is unanimously! — there was an answer…

Your All Holiness, do you know the Orthodox Christians won’t take the bullying of their faith?

Your All Holiness, do you know that can lose the offspring who believe in you as the Ecumenical Patriarch???

Do you know the Orthodox Christians harrow the Holy Earth not for the first time???

Because if you will start the fratricide, the Orthodox Christians of the Russian Earth will stand up for brothers and sisters and there will be no schismatic and the oathbreaker Philaret on the Russian Earth any more.

The Orthodox Christians won’t suffer an Egyptian execution of the faith any more. The Orthodox Christians won’t stand the rascals make fun of churches and monasteries.

And, Your All Holiness, you will be guilty of that. God is the judge.

As “unholy Judas, sickened with money-grubbing, was saddened”…

The Orthodox Christians of the Russian Earth won’t recognize such abomination and sacrilege over sacred faith.

As the Reverend St. John Climacus has told:

- People can correct the prodigal people, angels correct the ungodly and only God cures the proud one.

We are the Orthodox Christians, we are the Russians and we are proud. God is with us.



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