ISIL in Afghanistan is a landmine of Washington under the Central Asia

The triumphant army of the USA and troops of their allies have conducted an uncompromising struggle with the terrorism for nearly 17 years. The matter of fact they not only organized a production of drugs and drug trafficking but the latest in a series of nests for ISIL

The military operation of the USA and their allies began the 7th of October 2001. It began within the framework of the operation Enduring Freedom as a response to the terroristic act of 11 September 2001.

The aims of operation were declared as follows elimination of uncatchable creation of CIA of the USA Usam ben Laden, who, as it seemed, organized the destruction of twin towers in New York and eradication of terrorism in Afghanistan.

And if the Islamic terrorist as it seems was eliminated under not clear circumstances, the struggle against terrorism remains to be not understandable whether the USA fight or rather support the latter.

For the time of the USA presence in Afghanistan the square of planting of opium cultures has grown by 100 times and the production of opium has increased by 40 times and continues to grow.

The representatives of the USA army explain to the US Senate and the world public their patronage to the production of heroin that if the crop of poppies were destroyed the poor population would starve!

OK Let it be with the world public, the opinion of which was never taken into consideration in Washington but to give such an explanation in the Senate , it means to demonstrate disrespect to it openly. So the policy of Pentagon looks like.

We can guess highly likely that in reality senators and congressmen instead of the public in the USA are well aware of the lucrative effect from the production of heroin.

Simply the profits from the sale of drugs are allocated to finance the Islamic terrorism in the form of ISIL? Which was established as it is well known after so called victory of the USA in Iraq, which was occupied by the troops of the USA and their allies.

To guess that such powerful organizations as CIA and Britain’s MI-6 were not in the know about the growth of might of ISIL means to be blind.

And during the years the Islamic state broadened its territories in the Middle East, the international coalition pretended that it actively fought against ISIL. The situation in the region changed only after Russia deployed the aviation, the military councilors, and units of special force. This sudden, unexpected move of Moscow immediately changed the alignment of forces and involvement in the fight of Iran and Turkey complicated more and more the position of aggressive rebels.

During the meeting between the president of RF V. Putin and president of Turkey R. Erdogan they agreed, that ISIL threatens the secular regime in the latter. So R. Erdogan was very thankful to V.Putin for his aid in prevention of coup d’état and took responsibility not to allow the penetration of rebels through Turkey to the Caucasus.

At the same time the control over territory by ISIL was sharply reduced under the attack of the Russian air force, the Syrian Army and units of Iran and Turkey as well as Lebanese Hezbollah.

So the decisive moment began and it became clear whom the USA supported during the time of existence of Islamic state.

Let us return to Kabul. During the centuries Afghanistan was the place from where it was possible to influence the situation not only in the Central Asia but the other regions nearby.

That is why nowadays Washington has in this country numerous military bases including air bases which are able to deploy strategic bombers B-52, B-1 and B-2 as well as stealth F-22 and F-35.

What in reality does happen at American military bases in Afghanistan, neither American nor international public are aware.

In fact under the auspices of CIA military terroristic troops from destroyed by Russia, Turkey, Iran and Syria ISIL, which are redeployed secretively from the Middle East.

Logics of the USA are simple and clear. In the aims to realize their geopolitical interests and preserve the leadership on the world stage it is of no use to lose tens of thousands of well-trained Islamic terrorists, with the help of whom the USA not once complicated the situation in the EU countries provoking emigration of millions of refugees from the Middle East and Africa.

It is completely evident , that such a result would bring to naught billions of dollars allocated for the establishment of ISIL. It would be not American way of deal. That is why the streams of destroyed Islamic fighters moved to Afghanistan. At gunpoint happen to be not only the former soviet republics of Central Asia but Iran and northwestern districts of China and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. There Uygur lived who profess Sunni Islam. By the by there is strong separatist mood, which has been successfully Beijing.

But the incoming of tens of thousands of rebels changed the situation. The first outcome of the grown activity of rebels appeared. The was an armed clash in the Afghan –Turkmenian border between Turkmenian military and so called drug traffickers. As a result so called drug dealers injured several tens and killed 25 Turkmenian soldiers.

It is obvious that if the enemy of turkmenian soldiers would be drug dealers they would not at first involve in clash because their task is not to fight, but secretively sneak into the territory.

Secondly, real drug dealers are not trained to combat , to inflict losses to the regular military units. Besides, the clashes occur in several districts of Afghan — Turkmenian border.

Thirdly, it was a trial of strength on behalf of Islamic terrorists who started to act on the territory of Afghanistan.

The former president of Afghanistan Khamid Karzay accused Washington of supporting Islamic terrorists on the territory of his country.

We should not forget that Kazakhstan , a partner of Russia in the Collective Security Treaty Organization, agreed to land Kaspian port Aktau to American military. The territory taken on lease will be used exterritorialy, as well as ships which will be there. It means that streams of terrorists will grow many times.

The USA pursues the other aim that is to blow the Central Asia. And using the power of Islamic terrorists to strike their geopolitical competitors China, Iran and Russia.

The question without answer remains, whether the cynical policy of Donald Trump is approved by Americans themselves as well as senators and congressmen elected by them?

And how the state is able to claim the single superpower in the world, which does not recognize moral and ethical rules and foredoom to death millions of people.




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