NATO got a burning powder keg on the banks of the Black Sea and the Dnieper…

NATO squadron consisting of EU countries frigates, the US destroyer and Bulgarian warships recently once again visits the Ukrainian port of Odessa. In accordance with the provisions of international treaties, they will leave the Black Sea in 21 days.

But why has Ukraine been chosen as almost NATO’s main ally, which is not even a member of NATO, a state unable to provide even the appearance of relative combat readiness of its armed forces?

Thus, according to the report of the Navy Command of Ukraine, only 6 ships (23%) are ready: small armored artillery boats Vyshgorod and Lubny, artillery boat AKA-03, sea diving boat Neteshin, health boat Sokal, raiding diving boat RVK-258. 21 units or 77% of the of the Ukrainian Navy are unready: Hetman Sahaydachniy frigate, Priluki missile boat, Balta demagnetizing vessel, Henichesk raid trawler, medium landing ship and other vessels.

It turns out the guys from NATO countries are going to fight for the Ukrainians, who in modern military history were marked only by the fact they were able to steal and sell an absolutely gigantic amount of their weapons, equipment and ammunition?

6 armies, including 1 tank and 1 missile, 3 aircraft detection corps, missile army, about 9 thousand of tanks, 11 thousand of BMP and BTR, 18 thousand of artillery systems, including multiple launch rocket systems, about 4000 planes and helicopters Ukraine got from the Soviet Union.

The weapons, military equipment, food, ammunition and other military equipment worth about 100 billion dollars were stored at strategic military bases and warehouses as an emergency reserve, designed to mobilize 10 million people in case of war.

Pathetic remnants of all this wealth were left, but many Ukrainian officials had luxury yachts, villas and other property. And now the Kiev leadership is running around the world, humiliatingly asking for military help to reflect the Russian aggression. It thanks the NATO member Estonia for handing over 2400 outdated Soviet Makarov pistols to it while in Ukraine, according to the lowest estimates, the population has about 6 million unaccounted weapons!

There is a question: where are the same pistols of the Ukrainian warehouses? They have been looted and sold out like other military property.

NATO has found such “ally” on the banks of the Dnieper.

However, it is not surprising, if we take into account the 2014 coup d’etat itself and the subsequent support of nationalists are entirely a project of the Democratic Party of the USA, marked by corruption scandals around the family of former US Vice-President Biden in Ukraine, plundering of military aid to Afghanistan and many other similar cases.

After the mass explosion of the Ukrainian armament warehouses, the USA and other countries have already allocated tens of millions of dollars for re-equipment of such places, which have vanished into thin air and the disorder and flagrant negligence continue to be in the warehouses. The Ukrainian social networks are full of such ugly things description. Here is what is written about the armament warehouse of the military unit A-4465 in the city of Mykolaiv:

— Air bombs and even guided missiles are lying right on the ground. No one cuts the grass. There are almost no serviceable fire extinguishers. The barbed wire of fences has been stolen by local people. Firefighting equipment has been stolen. The guards, who are holding down our aircraft wreckage, drink and go awol almost every day. These idiots even make barbecue in the warehouse.

The commissions do not say anything about it as the brigade commander takes them straight to sauna, where they drink. The warehouse inspection registers are faked.

Our unit warehouse is only three kilometers from the residential buildings, and one shudders to think what will happen if it starts to explode.

The commander reports to Kiev that everything is in order, and the bribed members of the commission confirm it!

According to the experts estimate, more than 1.5 million (!) tons of ammunition will require disposal in Ukraine. No one knows exactly how many of them are exactly stored in the Ukrainian warehouses, what the Ukrainian media are not even ashamed to talk about…

During the still ongoing Ukrainian-Russian military conflict in Donbass, it turned out that from one quarter to half (!!!) of the ammunition, depending on their type, used by the Ukrainian army, simply do not explode. This is because there is not a single Ukrainian warehouse of arms and ammunition where they are stored as it should be. And even the guided missiles for planes lie on bare ground…

In fact, the space between the Seversky Donets and the Danube has turned into a giant powder keg, which also explodes periodically.

There are warehouses in Bryukhovychi, Lviv region in proximity to NATO borders, with about 10 thousand tons of ammunition ready to explode. The same warehouses are located in Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytskyi, Vinnytsia and Zakarpattia regions. And this is only in the West of Ukraine…

The civilian population living near such places is in constant horror, waiting for explosions and the destruction of their homes every day. After all, many people have already died in such incidents in Ukraine, and the damage is estimated at tens of millions of dollars.

To participate with such a country as Ukraine in military exercise and, moreover, to count on it as a military ally is simply either a crime or a deliberate plan of embezzlement, successfully implemented under the patronage of the Democratic Party of the USA.

The US Congress, where the Democrats have the majority, continues to allocate more and more sums of money for the military aid for Ukraine, which then disappear into the pockets of the Democrats themselves, the election fund of the Democratic Party of the USA and bank accounts of the corrupted Kiev officials.