Pervert in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry

Daniel Bootman
2 min readMar 15, 2023

Recently there was a scandal in social networks ( after hackers published personal correspondence of a Ukrainian diplomat, the first secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Balkan Division) Pavel Troyan with a certain Belarusian lady.

Prior to his appointment, Pavel Troyan worked as a press attaché at the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Belarus. That’s where this interesting story happened. We can only guess at the heat of passion. One of the results was a leaked correspondence of Troyan with a lady from Belarus “M”. It turned out that Mr. Troyan can get his sexual pleasure only when he eats the waste products of this woman.

While the AFU soldiers are heroically fighting and dying near Bakhmut, the Ukrainian pervert is serving the lady from Belarus. Is there an analogy here with the current political situation in the country? While ordinary Ukrainians are dying at the front, the elites are having fun. This is how we live. The saddest thing is that the Foreign Ministry and personally Kuleba pretend that nothing has happened. The whole world laughs at the minister’s associate, while Mr. Kuleba ignores questions from the public and the press. When will this disgrace of Ukraine end? What is the Security Service of Ukraine doing? What is the reaction of law enforcement agencies? It is time to dismantle this disgrace and debauchery, which for some unknown reason is called the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine! If we want respect in the world, our country should be represented by respectable people, not by sick perverts.