The Most Outstanding Swindler of All Time

Daniel Bootman
3 min readOct 16, 2023

This is the deserved title of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

The history of mankind knows many scammers. They tended to take advantage of other peoples’ trust, exploit legal loopholes, and deceive others for their own personal gain.

But it has never happened before that a fraudster received the post of head of state and has deceived other countries on such a gigantic scale as Zelensky does.

Since 2019, he has received many tens of billions of dollars that have simply vanished into thin air.

People of the Zelensky regime are enriching themselves with literally anything they want. While the population is impoverished, government officials steal for their own benefit.

The military, responsible for recruiting the Ukrainian army, hides men in exchange for bribes and sends them across the border. Therefore, there is no one to fight in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In cities and villages, local authorities line their pockets with profit by pretending to fix roads that have fallen into disrepair and by restoring destroyed infrastructure that is not actually being restored. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Moreover, the Ukrainian budget expenditures this year are more than $54 billion. It’s known that a significant part of that budget was funded via Western financial assistance.

The enormous sums allocated for Ukraine’s war with Russia have disappeared. Although the West has

given and continues to give Zelensky everything he needs for a successful war, there is no result.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive is standing. Soldiers and officers at the front endlessly complain about the lack of clothing, medicine, ammunition, and weapons. According to reports, Zelensky has all these supplies. So where are these supplies then?

During the Hamas invasion of Israeli territory, IDF troops were amazed to find boxes of weapons in the terrorists’ possession which bore the markings of one of the Ukrainian military units from the city of Mukachevo.

The terrorists were also armed with portable Soviet-made anti-aircraft systems, with which they successfully fired at Israeli helicopters.

One of the Israeli Merkava tanks was hit by a British NLAW grenade launcher. It had been supplied to Ukraine.

There has been a lot of talk in the world media that the Zelensky regime is selling weapons. What other evidence is needed to substantiate these claims?

Surprisingly, until now there has been no audit of the availability and use of the vast quantities of military equipment, weapons, and other property that Ukraine continues to receive. The main lobbyist

for these deals is Washington. More precisely, the US Democratic Party and the Joe Biden administration.

They cannot help but know that Zelensky is illegally selling weapons. But they continue to support him. This leads one to assume the worst.

For the sake of this large-scale fraudulent theft, unprecedented in history, Zelensky is sacrificing many thousands of Ukrainian lives.

A fraudster and a corrupt official, a dictator and a drug addict — this is the president of Ukraine. He uses the West to obtain more and more amounts of aid in order to enrich himself endlessly. The war with Russia is just a cover.

Zelensky is not going to win. He’s going to keep stealing.